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About us - Company

The company was founded in 1983 by Paolo Fiaschi and Stefano Braccini, who were later joined by Fabio Braccini.

Since the beginning, almost as a natural calling, the activity developed around raw materials and, over the years, it grew precisely on the constant research of marbles to introduce to the market. Sometimes it was the discovery of new materials such as Tobacco Brown, also known as Eramosa, sometimes it was the rediscovery of ancient Italian marbles that had fallen into disuse or had simply been forgotten.
It is in this setting that the old Carrara quarry was reopened, where Calacatta Cielo , Calacatta Aurora, Lunetia White and Calacatta Lunae are quarried.

The thing that characterizes Fibra is the ability to recognize the marketability of a stone and being able to promote it through the typical experience of the “people of Carrara”.
Besides the marbles from its own quarries, Fibra also sells other distinguished marbles.