Tobacco Brown Marble

Tobacco Brown marble, also known as Eramosa Marble, is a limestone with a deep brown background, a characteristic that distinguishes it and makes it a unique material. A marble type of an inimtable beauty, Tobacco Brown is extracted from aou own quarries in Ontario canada.

The fundamental characteristics of Tobacco Brown marble are its depth and its intense brown color that, if the materiali is vein cut marked by lighter parallel veining with golden accents. Tobacco Brown can also be crossed cut to emphasize its characteristic and surprising shades. A synonym of elegance and contemporary taste, Tobacco Brown unites the charm of a modern material with originality of a natural stone, making every application a unique and appealing one.

Tobacco Brown marble is suitable for modern and contemporary projects as floorings and facings, accessories and decorative objects for daily use as tables and sinks, elegant staircases, kitchen and bathrooms elements. This elegant Canadian limestone is also suitable for public applications and projects intended for exterior spaces.